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Hawaiian Acacia Wood 6 Inch Round Calabash Bowl

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Hawaiian Handmade Acacia Wood 6 Inch Round Calabash Bowl from Maui, Hawaii

Beautiful bowl can be used for special occasion or everyday use

Durable, resinous acacia hardwood with rich color and prominent grain

Harvested using careful practices to protect and sustain the environment

Handcrafted for subtly unique details on each piece water-and stain-resistant

Wash by hand and air dry can be treated with non-toxic mineral oil

This Acacia calabash hardwood bowl is perfect for salad bowls, pasta bowls, appetizer plates, serving trays, chargers, chip and dips, and dipping bowls. Mix and match for your own customized table setting. Its rich beautiful grain is ecologically forested from privately owned lands, strictly managed by local government agencies. Acacia wood is a naturally resinous hardwood, which means it repels water, will not absorb stains or odors and is easy care. Just hand wash with warm soapy water and air dry. Acacia wood will not crack or dry out, but is not dishwasher or microwave safe. Take care of your Acacia calabash bowl and your acacia hardwood serving piece will last for years and years.