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Aloha Beauty Hawaiian Plumeria Flower Eau De Parfum Perfume

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Aloha Beauty Hawaiian Plumeria Flower Eau De Parfum Perfume

1.7 fl oz / 50 ml

Made in Hawaii

In decorative glass bottle with realistic fine silk yellow and white plumeria flowers inside.

Made in Hawaii and created from actual flowers & other ingredients derived from nature

Hawaiian Plumeria - Perfumes the island breezes with its wondrous aroma

This exclusive Aloha Beauty perfume is known for its quality and sold in upscale hotels and boutiques in the islands.

Hawaiian Plumeria is a soft, sweet scent drifting gently on the island breeze. Adorn yourself in this signature scent and bring back warm memories of our island paradise.

Plumeria is a five-petaled flower with a beautiful scent and is among the most popular for leis. The Plumeria is known as the Melia by Polynesians. Early Polynesians, living close to nature and surrounded by abundant fragrant flowers, always adorned themselves with wreathes fashioned from these yummy blossoms. Whether in a lei or a single flower in the hair, the velvety petals yield a lovely fragrance. Definitely a signature fragrance of the Islands. Envelope yourself in this sweet soft scent that wafts on the tropical breeze.

This Aloha Beauty Eau De Parfum comes packaged in a beautifully designed box and spray bottle. The realistic flowers inside the bottle are made of fine silk. Each Aloha Beauty perfume box features the unique artistic stylings and exclusive designs of Island artist Teri Inouye. Re-created from original works done by Teri in a rich color pencil technique, each Aloha Beauty product is a palette for Teriís one of a kind work of art.